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Marienberg fortress high above the Main river in Würzburg. © CTW/ Andreas Bestle

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The oldest stone witnesses of antiquity are the Roman monuments and archaeological sites in our cities. The Romans adopted the building with stones of the Greeks and developed it further by inventing the characteristic mortar technique.

Visiting the Roman monuments will make you comprehend this time of experimentation and change in building. Whether Amphitheater and Porta Nigra in Trier, the Römisches Theater (Roman Theater) in Mainz or Trier's Konstantin Basilika (Constantine Basilica) and the Kaiserthermen (Imperial Baths) which were built with millions of bricks: the Romans knew how to express their power and strength in their monuments.

Excavations of antiquity give visitors a clear idea of how the Romans used to enjoy their lives. Visits to the Römisches Museum (Roman Museum) in Augsburg and the Rheinisches Landesmuseum (Archaeological Museum) in Trier as well as to the Museum für Antike Schifffahrt (Museum of Ancient Shipping) in Mainz reveal many fascinating insights.

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Roman Museum, Augsburg

Museum of Ancient Shipping, Mainz

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