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Marienberg fortress high above the Main river in Würzburg. © CTW/ Andreas Bestle

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Germany’s hidden fashion and design spots

Augsburg: Bavarian State Museum of Textiles and Textile Industry ©Eckhart MatthaeusThe new “Staatliche Textil- und Industriemuseum (tim)” (State Museum of Textiles and Textile Industry) in  Augsburg brings the history of the Bavarian textile industry back to life. Historical weaving looms clatter here alongside high-tech machines and produce for example the “Fugger-Barchent” (barracan) which is closely linked to Augsburg’s Fugger-dynasty. The tim offers an exciting journey through the history of fashion and costumes of the past 200 years.

In 2011, Lady Gaga was so intrigued by the “Pepita” fabric that she appeared on the US talk show “The  View”  fully clothed in the print. Not only was she wearing the print all over, from her shoes to her sunglasses and hat, but the grand piano she was playing was entirely covered with the fabric, too! That Pepita print was first created in Bramsche – a quaint town famed for its traditional clothmaking, just to the north of Osnabrück! There’s the “Tuchmachermuseum” where travelers are able to see first-hand age-old machines at work while learning about all of the 18 steps involved in the clothmaking process.

Blue printing has a  tradition that goes back 300 years. In Thuringia and in Erfurt, this old Thuringian craft has experienced a revival. Ms. Weiss, a master indigo printer and craftswoman, is one of the last in Central Europe to print her own designs traditionally by hand (using blocks) and to dye with indigo. The products made by Ms. Weiss (table cloths and scarves) are on sale in the indigo printing workshop.

Fashion design is one of the most popular courses of study in Germany’s oldest city, Trier. For lovers of creative fashion, the Neustrasse – with its many studios and stores by young fashion designers – is the ideal starting point for a stroll. Shakira wears it. Kim Wilde and Madonna wear it. The jewelry by Miranda Konstantinidou now has famous fans. In 1986, the fashion designer from Trier founded a company in a small workshop which ever since produces handmade fashion jewelry and fashion accessoires under the name “Konplott”. By now, Miranda Konstantinidou employs around 1.200 people. The jewelry is sold in more than 900 stores worldwide, a visit to the store in Trier’s Konstantinstrasse is definitely worth it though.

Take your souvenir home with you!

Souvenirs, vintage clothing, contemporary styles or high-end fashion. All those things are souvenirs somehow, aren´t they! All the good times you had during your shopping experiences in these towns! We want to help you find your way to these places, where you can shop your souvenirs!

Augsburg:  Maximilian Street and City-Galerie-Augsburg Shopping Mall

Erfurt:  Anger and Schlösser Street

Freiburg:  Kaiser-Joseph-Street and Rathausgasse

Heidelberg:  Main Street (Hauptstrasse)

Koblenz:  Löhr Street, Löhr-Center Shopping Mall and Forum Mittelrhein Shopping Mall

Mainz:  Am Brand Street, Stadthaus Street

Münster:  Prinzipal Market, Ludgeri Street and Münster-Arkaden Shopping Mall

Osnabrück:  Grosse Street and Krahn Street, Redlinger Street

Potsdam:  Brandenburger Street and Luisen-Forum Shopping Mall

Rostock:  Kröpeliner Street and Kröpeliner-Tor-Center Shopping Mall

Trier:  Simeon Street, Fleisch Street, Brot Street and Trier-Galerie Shopping Mall

Wiesbaden:  Kirchgasse, Langgasse, Luisen-Forum Shopping Mall and Lilien-Carré Shopping Mall

Würzburg:  Schönborn Street

Top Tip

Creativity, local design and “Stijl” in Mainz and Freiburg

Stijl Fashion and Design Fair ©Bjoern RudekIt is THE temporary presentation and sales platform  for young, creative people in Germany: The multi-day “Stijl” fairs in Mainz and Freiburg attract every year around 100 young designers and producers from all over the country. The product range includes t-shirts,  street fashion and design products but also unique handmade pieces. “Especially in university tow like Mainz and Freiburg there are many active people who are committed to interesting projects. The “Stijl“ fairs bring this development to the surface and offer the young, creative minds a platform”, says organizer Bastian Steinbeck.

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