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Media Releases and Media Kit

Welcome to our Press Section

We created a wide range of interesting and lesser-known topics which are suitable for travel journalists, publishers and editors of appropriate travel media. We are proud to offer advice and support in order to assist you with your research and provide contacts in our member cities. From unique events to detailed background information: Germany's historic cities show exciting contexts of German history without neglecting the aspects of modern life.

We have compiled a huge variety of story ideas and information for editors, writers, freelancers - in whatever way you are related with the Travel Media. Your needs will be taken care of.

Our selection of press releases:

November 2013: Why is Christmas in December?

August 2012: Tracy Bee is curious about Germany off the beaten track

May 2012: Brewery stories of Germany’s historic cities

April 2012: Robes, remains, cathedral treasuries in Germany´s cities

September 2011: Sensuality between world heritage and wine culture

June 2011: Film making in Germany´s historic venues

July 2011: Tangible roman experiences

May 2011: Mozart meets Bach!

April 2011: Flowers of Spring and Bastions of German History

May 2011: Germany's witnesses of the first globalization

Germany OFF the beaten track

CitySpheres magazine

CitySpheres: Germany OFF The beaten track! ©HHoGCitySpheres is a true chest of many themes and a great mix of travel ideas for Germany´s historic cities that were ennobled with the title "Historic Highlight of Germany".

Media Kit

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Our Media Kit provides you with any information you may need about the Historic Highlights of Germany and contains our press releases, facts, images etc.

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Travel Media Services

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Always have our images, wherever you are. We maintain a library of digital images of Historic Highlights of Germany member cities for use by the media, meeting and travel professionals for noncommercial promotional use. Our images are available for download in a number of high-quality digital formats including copyrights and terms of use in each image folder. Use our Dropbox to make your daily work easier.

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