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Travel reviews

The Voices of travelers!

What could be more authentic and informative than a review of some traveler who has been to a city and want to share his experiences with the world! On this page you can find articles published on blogs and online readers to give an idea of what to expect and experience in our historic cities.

Debbie -

Neroberg, Wiesbaden’s Mountain

There are a lot of reasons to visit Wiesbaden Germany including its thermal spas,  casino, glamorous Belle Epoque buildings,  Roman wall, beautiful churches, shopping and lovely parks.  But did you know Wiesbaden also has its own mountain? Well, depending on where you’re from, the 800 foot mountain may actually be a hill but no matter what you call it, Neroberg is a great place to spend a day!


Debbie -

Wiesbaden – That Second Look!

A short distance from Frankfurt International Airport is lovely Wiesbaden, the capital of the German Federal state of Hessen.  If you’re not familiar with Wiesbaden, I am a little surprised because there has been a settlement here since Neolithic times and records date a Roman fort back to 6 AD which means Wiesbaden has been around a very long time!


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