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Exploring the city´s cultural life

Culture is central to life in Münster. Indeed, almost everyone in the city - actors, musicians, writers and artists - contributes to Münster's cultural mixture. As a result, visitors can choose from an eclectic choice of museums, attend plays and concerts of almost every genre, and even ride bikes through an open-air museum that covers most of the city.

/assetimage_1175_240w163.jpgMünster's traditional art connects strongly with modern, local art as well as that of the international scene. The most notable example is perhaps Skulpturprojekte (Sculpture Projects), an international sculpture exhibition that every ten years brings sculptors and other artists to design massive works of art for outdoor display in places of meaning and context. Residents and visitors can follow the so-called "Skulp-Tour" through the city. The three "Riesenbillardkugeln" (Giant Pool Balls) adorn the north edge of the "Aasee" (Aa Lake), a work from the first exhibition in 1977. From the 1987 exhibition, "Toleranz durch Dialog" (Tolerance through Dialogue) two giant steel benches face toward each other in the plaza behind the "Friedenssaal" (Hall of Peace).

Most of Münster's museums are indoors, many of them in historic buildings where exhibits remain in their natural setting or other suitable environment, for example, the "Friedenssaal" (Hall of Peace) in the "Rathaus" (Town Hall).

For art lovers, the city offers 16 galleries and art dealers. The Pablo Picasso Museum, the first Picasso Museum in Germany, offers a collection of over 780 lithographs. The LWL-Landesmuseum für Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte (Westphalian State Museum of Art and Cultural History) is well known for its August Macke exhibitions, and Münster's Kunstakademie (Arts Academy Münster) has produced a young avant-garde well able to present itself in the countless exhibition halls, galleries and studios in the city.
/assetimage_1201_240w164.jpgIn addition to the city's Symphonieorchester (Symphony Orchestra), there are many ensembles under the umbrella of the university and conservatoire as well as free associations and a series of excellent master concerts. Münster is also considered to be an "incubator" for jazz music, being host to an international festival every second year. Other festivals in traditional and lyrical music have become firm highlights in the city's cultural calendar.

Münster's theaters are versatile and varied with many programs of interest to non-German-speakers. The Städtische Bühnen (City Theater) presents its classical repertoire. The Wolfgang Borchert Theater and the Theater im Pumphaus (Theater in the Pump House) are the specialists of the "free" scene. The GOP-Varieté features entertainment of a more cabaret nature.

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