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Trier: The Unesco World Heritage Site Porta Nigra (about 180 A.D.) © Bjoern Rudek

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Exploring the city´s cultural life

Take some time to get to know the city and discover its many facets. You will be inspired.

The Staatstheater Mainz (State Theater Mainz) enjoys high standing as the home of drama, opera and music. The theater, with its Large House, in the building from 1833 designed by Georg Moller, and the modern Small House lie at the center of Mainz, at the heart of its cultural life.

A further cultural jewel is the Landesmuseum (State Museum Mainz) which, after renovation, is going completely new ways. Once the Electoral Stables, only the Golden Horse on the roof of the baroque building recalls its original significance. Today it houses major collections ranging from the early period to the modern. And it is one of a series of noteworthy museums in Mainz: the Römisch-Germanisches-Zentralmuseum (Roman-Germanic Central Museum), the Museum für Antike Schifffahrt (Museum of Ancient Shipping) and the Naturhistorisches Museum (Natural History Museum) with its unique fauna and flora. Touching allowed.

But Mainz is also famous for this: Satirical revues and cabaret! The stage of the Unterhaus has been the springboard to great careers for many comedy stars. They like to come back: to the city, to the people of Mainz and their visitors. Because, as the saying puts it so succinctly, laughter is infectious. For the citizens of Mainz laughter is part of their way of life. Whether highly discerning, such as in the Mainzer Musiksommer (Music Summer Mainz) and the master concerts, or indigenously entertaining, whether experimental, modern or tradition-conscious - art and culture

Be spoiled for choice!

Our diverse range of museums:

Cathedral and Diocesan Museum

Gutenberg Museum, Mainz

Kupferberg Museum

State Museum

Museum of Ancient Shipping, Mainz

City History Museum

Natural History Museum

Roman-Germanic Central Museum

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