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The Weindorf (Wine Village) : An exceptional address for connoisseurs of good wine and regional specialities. © Bjoern Rudek

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On the track of history

/assetimage_987_240w179.jpgKoblenz was given its name by the Romans with the construction of "Castellum apud Confluentes". Visitors on the trail of Koblenz's past find themselves caught up in the history of a town which over the centuries was captured by the Franconians, chosen by dukes (electoral princes) as residence, occupied by the French and ruled by Prussia. It's a truly European place!

Fortress walls and towers, castles, residences, monuments and parks paint a convincing picture of the town's eventful past. Emperors, dukes and kings have resided in Koblenz. Visitors from all over the world discover the buildings and cultural heritage they left behind.

/assetimage_1591_240w180.jpgWandering through Koblenz will give you an idea of its fascinating character: romantic little lanes and historical squares intermingled with shops, restaurants and cozy taverns. A walk from the market place Florinsmarkt (St. Florin's Market) to the Münzplatz (Old Mint Square) and from there on to Jesuitenplatz (Jesuits' Square) will take you past beautifully restored shops and offices, the churches "Florinskirche" (St. Florin's Church) and Liebfrauenkirche (Church of Our Beloved Lady) and numerous cultural monuments along the way.

With a stunning bouquet of colours, shapes and ideas, the Bundesgartenschau Koblenz 2011 (Federal Garden Show Koblenz 2011) transformed the face of Koblenz. The Middle Rhine's major city is being given a new, green visual identity. The transformation took place on three sites covering a total of 48 hectares at the Kurfürstliches Schloss (Elector's Palace), the "Blumenhof" (Flower Courtyard) and Festung Ehrenbreitstein (Ehrenbreitstein Fortress).

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Inspiration, discoveries, relaxation, family fun: whatever your mood and whoever you´re with, an escape to the beautiful and historic places makes a perfect day out.

Koblenz: Guided Walking Tour

Get to know one of the oldest tow of Germany by taking a professionally guided walking tour around the historical Old Town. The charming and romantic streets between the "Basilika St. Kastor" (St. Castor's Basilica) and "Liebfrauenkirche" (Church of Our Beloved Lady) represent today's main tourist attractions of Koblenz. Of course, the sightseeing tour would not be completed without a visit to the Monument of Emperor Wilhelm I at the "Deutsches Eck" (German Corner) and the city's landmark, the "Schängelbrunnen" (Schängel Fountain) in the courtyard of the present Town Hall.

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European History

Melting pot of nationalities – during the centuries Koblenz was captured by the Franconians,
chosen by dukes (electoral princes) as residence, occupied by the French and ruled by Prussia. It is a truly European place!