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The baroque "Holländisches Viertel" (Dutch Quarter) in Potsdam. © Bjoern Rudek

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When architecture shows its respect for the past

A country's cultural history manifests itself especially vividly in its architecture. When cities blossom economically, their architecture bears luxuriant fruits. In the Historic Highlights of Germany, these stone witnesses to the past invite you to go on a fantastic trip through time to past eras. Cathedrals and monasteries, patricians' houses and palaces: the Historical Highlights of Germany present a glorious pageant of history.

Stone witnesses also reveal much about Europe's varied and tumultuous political history. They tell a story of disintegration and destruction, of occupation and displacement by religious wars and wars of succession. And of how the industrial revolution shook the foundations of the feudal system and ushered in the modern age, which has long since also shaped our historic cities.

Historic Highlights of Germany´s architecture is characterized by a high degree of regional diversity, caused by centuries of fragmentation of Germany into principalities and kingdoms. This made for a diverse architectural style with architectural differences even from town to town.

Germany´s finest selection of architecture:



Gothic Period


Baroque and Rococo



Modern and Contemporary

Art Nouveau / Jugendstil

Did you know?

Our monuments leave a lasting impression!

Heidelberg Castle is the favorite among international visitors to Destination Germany. This is the result of a survey undertaken to find out Germany ’s top 100 attractions. The survey got more than 18,000 clicks, while 5,500 respondents submitted their three favorite attractions and was carried out by the German National Tourist Board (GNTB) in which it sought the opinions of people who have visited the country.