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Sweet Delicacies in Wiesbaden © HHoG/ Takano

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Germany’s way of socializing at Farmers’ markets

Freiburg: Farmers Market ©FWTM/ SchoenenThe best opportunity to experience and buy regional groceries is to visit a typical farmers’ market. It almost seems as if time stood still: men and women stroll comfortably and without haste across the market square, chat among each other or to the market women and get inspirations for their lunch from the wide range of freshly harvested fruit and vegetables and homemade cheeses and sausages from organic farming.

If one cannot decide from the wide selection, the stand operators are happy to support the decision-making with small samples. In addition to the good atmosphere, the air is filled with the scents of many different products. It smells deliciously of fresh baked goods, tangy cheeses, flowers and even the vegetable stands can be identified by their own fragrance.

assetimage_50811e5b22f70efc11000a0d_280w186jpgCall it Yummy!

In the city of Münster, visitors experience the diversity of the typical regional products at some 150 stands. In Erfurt, visitors experience the hustle and bustle in front of a historical setting, the“Erfurter Dom” (Erfurt Cathedral), and can enjoy an original“Thüringer Rostbratwurst” (Thuringian grilled sausage) along the way. Freiburg’s farmers’ market is located at the foot of the “Freiburger Münster” (Freiburg Cathedral). The diverse offer of the approximately 100 stands is supplemented by arts and crafts and handmade souvenirs. This farmers’ market, too, is located in front of the historical cathedral. Thefarmers’ market in Mainz, which is located in the historic Old Town, offers apart from the market stands a“Marktfrühstück” (market breakfast) where one can enjoy light snacks as well as sample the wines of Mainz’ vintners.

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