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Franconian Asparagus © HHoG/ Takano

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Meet the Chefs!

 ©Top chef Thomas Bühner creates sensuous gastronomic experiences in “la vie” threestar restaurant in the heart of Osnabrück’s Old Town. The gourmet critics and guests are full of praise: “accomplished creations, which satisfy the highest standards of enjoyment”.

André Skupin combines flavours and texture with great sensitivity in the exclusive restaurant Gourmet 1895 (Münster).

Double Michelin star chef Wolfgang Becker stands for a clear and straightforward cuisine in Becker’s Restaurant (Trier). Don´t miss the cookery school of top chef Frank Buchholz in Mainz (Buchholz restaurant) characterized by seasonal cuisine and ingredients that are sourced locally.

Maria Groß creates perfect balanced and creative cuisine experiences in Erfurt (Clara - Restaurant im Kaisersaal) and a wind of change has blown through this classic Würzburg restaurant "Reisers am Stein" ideally situated amid the vineyards: Caroline Baum is producing rigorous yet imaginative cuisine.

Sweet Delicacies in Wiesbaden ©HHoG/ TakanoThe restaurant “Die Ente” (The Duck) is located in the 5-star hotel “Nassauer Hof” in Wiesbaden. In 1979, the restaurant was awarded with a coveted Michelin star which it has retained ever since. The restaurant’s young head chef, Michael Kammermeier, presents his very own interpretation of exquisite, straightforward classic European cuisine with a very personal touch.

Gourmets, enjoying top quality, organic, hand selected ingredients and who are willing to try unusual food compositions have to visit the restaurant “August” of Top Chef Christian Grünwald in Augsburg. Guide Michelin as well as Gault Millau mentioned the two-star restaurant benevolently.

Mario Sauer uses very best in ingredients for his fine, creative cuisine in Heidelberg (Restaurant Le Gourmet).  Located in the most famous Heidelberg castletop chefs Martin Scharff and Dirk Seiger's restaurant "Scharff’s Schlossweinstube" boasts various historic dining rooms and a lovely terrace with a view of the castle courtyard.

In Würzburg, Benedikt Faust produces his "Wild home" and "Young Franconia" menus in Kuno 1408 restaurant - named after one of the owners of the "Rebstock" hostelry (established in 1408).

Be inspired by our variety of German cuisine:

Regional cuisine - a rich diversity of regional foods

Beer – Germany's Golden Barley Juice

Historic cuisine - feast to your heart´s delight

Talking Food 

Interview with Bjoern Rudek, CEO of Historic Highlights of Germany

Bjoern Rudek, CEO ©HHoGQ: It’s all about German “Gemütlichkeit”!?

“Something travelers should know is that in Germany, when a traditional restaurant is full but some tables have seats available, people have the option to share tables. And many do! Because being close to your neighbors and exchanging stories is part of the traditional experience.”

Q: What kinds of food are found and eaten in Germany’s historic cities?

“German cuisine is characterized by regional diversity. Thuringian grilled sausages in Erfurt, original Münster pumpernickel bread, Black Forest cherry cake in Freiburg, Mecklenburger Rippenbraten (Mecklenburg’s roast ribs) with a Rostocker Doppelkümmel (Rostock caraway seed schnapps) or in Würzburg the Franconian specialties include Franconian Hochzeitsessen (boiled beef and pasta, served with horseradish), Gerupfter (a special way of preparing camembert cheese) and Meefischli (small fish from the Main River)  – whenever possible travelers should eat at locally owned restaurants.”

Q: Michelin says Germany is now ranked only behind France in Europe in terms of top restaurants, with its top chefs producing extraordinarily varied and experimental food that is “very open to the cuisines of the world”?

“Food critics say a more telling sign of Germany’s culinary rise was the number of restaurants in the very respectable two-star category, which has doubled to 36 since 2010. Germany has redeeming itself gastronomically in the past years and our Historic Highlights of Germany top-chefs would like to share their passion and zest for life. Their creative dishes – often imaginatively interpreted classics with regional and national influences – are presented like works of art with all their aromas and textures.”

Q: If travelers are looking to experience food in your cities, are there any food tours or food events?

“There are guided brewery tours and beer seminars as well as walk and dine guided city tours including stops in restaurants and wine tasting with canapés. The Rheingau Culinary Week in Wiesbaden and the Rheingau region worth a visit. An exquisite Franconian spring dinner prepared by top chefs awaits travelers in Würzburg during the Baroque Festival. In Rostock’s seaside resort Warnemünde, near side of the “Alter Strom” (Old Stream), fishing boats lie tied to cleats as their crews sell from tables heaped with fish and restaurants offer herring, salmon, squid, mackerel, pickled fish, smoked fish, fish sandwiches, fish-kabobs and fish cakes. Freiburg’s Plaza Culinaria trade show is the opportunity to enjoy the finer things in life with all five senses: tasting, smelling, feeling, seeing and hearing!”

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Wine and its architecture

A pleasure for the senses

/assetimage_2740_300w199.jpgAlready the Romans knew about the suitability of the terroir and climate for viticulture. 2000 years ago, they laid the foundations for the German wine landscape that nowadays covers more than 100.000 hectares and shapes entire regions. Germany's wine regions offer you new perspectives and discoveries behind each river bend: surrounded by steep vineyards and medieval castle ruins lie picturesque wine-growing tow where rustic wine bars and fine restaurants seduce you with their delights...

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