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Fascinating oppurtunities to explore Germany´s past and present!

The Historic Highlights of Germany member cities, each with an unique profile, have a great deal in common: they have all made major contributions to history, culture, economic development, science, and scholarship in Germany and Europe. For business and professionals the member cities offer ideal settings for conferences or meetings and are an excellent starting point for visits of special interest in and around the respective cities.

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Green Startups:Renewable energy

Discover Renewable Energy Management

The climate on earth changed rapidly due to fossile energy sources. Fossile energy sources are not endless and the prices are still increasing. Also nuclear energy is not the solution and it is a potential danger for the people and its existence.

It is therefore time for all the countries in the world to protect the climate by reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases, that harm the environment. Renewable energies are a significant climate protector and without them the future of our earth is in danger. Renewable energy contributes as clean power in the total power supply. New technologies make it possible that the share in the total power supply is growing steadily.

Renewable energy comes from the natural resources such as sun, water, wind, biomass, biofuel and geothermal heat. It is used on large scale in cities and it has great advantages in rural and remote areas and is sustainable too. Energy costs can be cut down by decentralization of energy in these communities. And renewable energy is the source which is on site.

From the member cities of the Historic Highlights of Germany Association, visits to renewable energy projects can be organized and shown in Germany. Lectures and guided tours by professionals in their field will be organized. There will be time for questioning and answering to all topics of your interests.

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