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Germany off the beaten track!

On our self drive "Dream Routes", you can discover reminders of our great heritage - such as palaces, castles and fortresses - by walking in the footsteps of famous historical figures and taking a stroll around charming old quarters. Experience the buzz of modern life in historical surroundings and treat yourself to local specialties.

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Tour package: Germany´s Wine Tasting Destinations

Wine sampler on German rivers

The cities on the Rhine, Main and Moselle rivers are home to some of the foremost cultural treasures in Germany. Mighty monuments inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list, gentle vineyard slopes that have produced fine wines since ancient times, and rivers, shrouded in myth and legend. A tour of discovery through the cities on the famous German rivers enthralls the senses with high-caliber culture and internationally acclaimed wines.

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Tour package: Germany´s Roman Heritage

On the trail of the Romans

If all roads lead to Rome, then they surely have to begin somewhere. Traces of the great civilization that spread out from the city are still very much in evidence in south-west Germany. Its oldest cities all have Roman origins and date back more than 2,000 years. From the battleground where Varus? legions fell, the Roman-themed dream route takes you from the former capital of the western Empire to the thermal baths, military camps and forts, around which great cities have sprung up over the course of the centuries.

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Tour package: Germany´s famous hanseatic towns

The cities of the Hanseatic League

The Hanseatic League, a trading alliance in the Middle Ages, brought great stature and wealth to its cities. Magnificent town houses and other prestigious buildings still bear witness to the power and riches of the medieval merchants. Rostock has long been a gateway to Scandinavia: in the Hanseatic days, goods from all over the known world passed through its Baltic Sea port on their way to the Nordic countries.

Today, the merchant ships have been replaced by modern cruise liners with multinational passenger lists. Osnabrück which was one of the most important Hanseatic tow in Westphalia in the 14th century, used to export its famous "Osnaburgh" linen marked with its own seal. Münster was a member of the Hanseatic League for 625 years and shipped its wares around the Baltic, across to Scandinavia and into Flanders.

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Tour package: Germany´s Kings and Palaces

Kings, Emperors & Palaces

Germany is dotted with historic buildings left behind by the great rulers and royal dynasties who reigned supreme over its various territories. These castles, churches and stately homes have all opened their doors to the public as have the magnificent palaces built as an expression of grandeur for the aristocratic classes. Standing in the monumental ballrooms, it's easy to imagine how splendid the celebrations were hundreds of years ago. Walk through the halls where powerful dynasties forged alliances, stroll through gardens once frequented by princes or follow the boulevards built in honor of kings. Discover the Germany of emperors and electors, whose legacy of splendor and extravagance still has the power to take your breath away.

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Tour package: In the footsteps of Martin Luther

On the roots of the Reformation

The Reformation is closely interwoven with the story of the historical cities of Germany.Martin Luther's reformatory ideas sparked change in Germany.

Luther studied at Erfurt University for five years before becoming a monk in the city's "Augustinerkloster" (Augustinian Monastery). He was ordained as a priest in the "Mariendom" (Cathedral of Mary) and preached in many of the city's churches. During his disputation in Heidelberg, he had to defend his views and explain them in detail. The Pope himself arranged for Luther's interrogation in Augsburg, the very city in which his supporters later set forth the Augsburg Confession (Confessio Augustana) - still the statement of faith for millions of Protestants all over the world. The Peace of Augsburg, which formalized the split in Christendom, was signed in 1555.

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Tour package: Germany´s romantic getaways

Treasures of the German Romanticism

Fairytale palaces, enchanting old quarters with pavement cafés, ancient stone bridges, centuries-old markets and rivers straight from the pages of a storybook with castles perched on vineyard slopes. Germany had - and still has - scenery that poets and painters elegantly captured n print and on canvas. The cities set within this idyllic landscape are ideal for couples and those in search of a short break. Find out what a "student kiss" entails in the cafés in Heidelberg and discover the romance of the Rhine between Koblenz and Wiesbaden. In Freiburg, watch out for the "Bächle" (waterways): superstition dictates that whoever steps in one by accident is fated to marry a Freiburger.

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Heidelberg Castle is the favorite among international visitors to Destination Germany. This is the result of a survey undertaken to find out Germany ’s top 100 attractions. The survey got more than 18,000 clicks, while 5,500 respondents submitted their three favorite attractions and was carried out by the German National Tourist Board (GNTB) in which it sought the opinions of people who have visited the country.