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Dream Routes of Germany

These are the routes that keep your dreams alive

The Dream Routes linking Germany´s historical cities. Embrace the ancient Romans, the Hanseatic League, impressive architecture, palaces and picturesque old quarters as well as wine making.

Just book online and discover their history. Whichever route you take, each of our cities has an appeal of its own.

Itinerary description

The cities of the Hanseatic League

/assetimage_2103_201w272.jpgNorthern Germany has always been a gateway of sorts with her busy ports of trade with Scandinavian
countries and prominence in the Hanseatic League. Today the grand medieval homes and public buildings still stand in monument to the booming commerce of the Middle Ages.

Münster uses its character and charm to create a link between tradition and modern lifestyles. In the historical core of the city, its long heritage has remained recognizable. The Old Town is a marvel for residents and visitors. It is also a place where peace, tolerance and understanding are celebrated. After all, this is the city where the Peace of Westphalia was signed, ending the Thirty Years' War and marking a rare time (perhaps the first in Europe) that peace was reached by negotiation and compromise rather than by domination and defeat.

Osnabrück is known for its enduring commitment to peace and conflict resolution. Known as "The City of Peace", its motto reads, "The task of peace - committed to peace." This is the maxim that defines political and cultural life in the old bishopric and the young university town. In each October, when hundreds of primary-school children ride their hobby-horses up the steps of the "Rathaus" (Town Hall) and receive a pretzel from the Lord Mayor, they ride in celebration of the Peace Treaty of Westphalia, and this is a very conscious, living sign of peace culture. You can still visit the Town Hall to see the "Friedensaal" (Hall of Peace) where Osnabrück's treaty of the Peace of Westphalia was signed in 1648.

Eight hundred years of history have shaped this "Gateway to the North". Rostock has preserved much of the charm that it once possessed as one of the most important members of the Hanseatic League. The gabled houses dominating the skyline attest to this, as well as the imposing brick warehouses, massive gates and fortifications, and awe-inspiring churches. They all bear eloquent witness to the wealth of the city's medieval merchants. Rostock has kept its importance as a trade center to this day, as well as its status as a university city. Its university, founded in 1419, is the oldest in Northern Europe.

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