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Dream Routes of Germany

These are the routes that keep your dreams alive

The Dream Routes linking Germany´s historical cities. Embrace the ancient Romans, the Hanseatic League, impressive architecture, palaces and picturesque old quarters as well as wine making.

Just book online and discover their history. Whichever route you take, each of our cities has an appeal of its own.

Itinerary description

SALVE! - On the trail of the Romans

/assetimage_2671_250w167.jpgWhile all roads may have led to Rome, they all had to start somewhere. As one of the greatest empires and most refined civilizations in human history, the Roman Empire spread its wealth and power far and wide. Founded in 16 B.C. under Emperor Augustus, Trier expanded as an imperial residence and capital of the Western Roman Empire. To serve its emperors and a growing population, the Romans built a city of such unprecedented proportions that it was known as Roma Secunda. Trier contains the largest collection of ancient Roman buildings outside of Rome itself.

Nearly 2000 years ago, Roman soldiers began to bathe in the thermal water that bubbled up through the ground in Wiesbaden. They found these steaming pools had healing effects on them, and the ancient attraction still remains. It began to develop as a resort town in the early nineteenth century, the European aristocracy came in droves and it quickly became one of the leading spa destinations in Europe.

Augsburg got its starts as a Roman military camp and became a Roman provincial capital for more than 400 years. By the 15th century, it was one of Europe's wealthiest and most important merchant cities. Having developed over two millennia, this town's distinct cityscape was shaped by all the great stylistic epochs.

Just north of Osnabrück it was recently discovered that a battle of great European importance was fought between Germanic tribes and Roman troops. Extensive documentation exists regarding the slaughter of three Roman legions by an alliance of Germanic tribes in 9 A.D. - also known as the Battle of Varus for the commander of the Roman troops- but the precise location of the battle was unknown until 1989 when more than 6,000 artifacts were discovered...

Complete tour package

/assetimage_50811ee122f70efc11002962_200wns260.jpgOur preferred tour operator, TOEUROPE, offers a seven-day self-drive tour to Osnabrück, Trier, Wiesbaden and Augsburg, which ends in Munich.


EUR 699 / $ 979*

- 7-Day Self-drive Tour
- Avis rental car with GPS
- 3*** and 4**** hotel accommodations in Osnabrück, Trier, Wiesbaden and Augsburg
- Buffet breakfast
- Day trip to the Royal Castles
- Admissions to different historic sites

Bookable: throughout the year

*Please note: Prices in $ depending on current exchange rates.


Map of Germany - Itinerary

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