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Schloss Sanssouci (Sanssouci Palace) in Potsdam belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites © TMB/ Boldt

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Dream Routes of Germany

These are the routes that keep your dreams alive

The Dream Routes linking Germany´s historical cities. Embrace the ancient Romans, the Hanseatic League, impressive architecture, palaces and picturesque old quarters as well as wine making.

Just book online and discover their history. Whichever route you take, each of our cities has an appeal of its own.

Itinerary description

On the roots of the Reformation

/assetimage_866_200w269.jpgVisit the historic cities of Germany, the epicenter of the Protestant Reformation. Martin Luther lived here and spread his revolutionary messages to the people of Germany's cities and villages in the 16th century, and while you may not be changing history, as he did, you can follow his footsteps across this beautiful country and her historic cities. See where he lived, studied, preached and hid from the Pope's emissaries. Visit the church where he was ordained and the city where he first defended his 95 Theses.

Erfurt became a pilgrimage destination of sorts with the reunification of Germany. Thousands of people poured into this former East German city to see where Martin Luther studied, to bow heads where he prayed, to walk the same medieval streets, and even to sleep where he slept. At almost every turn, there's a reminder of the man who launched the Reformation.

After presenting his Theses at Wittenberg, Luther traveled to Heidelberg in April 1518. He attended a meeting of the local Augustinian Order to defend his views in debate, and during this so-called "Heidelberg Disputation" he defined his positions in greater detail. Several young theologians in attendance took notice of his teachings and helped develop their city into a stronghold of German Protestantism by mid-century.

Augsburg is yet another city that witnessed pivotal events in the Reformation due to Luther's presence. Later in the same year of the Heidelberg Disputation, an emissary of Pope Leo X was sent to Augsburg in lieu of trying Luther in Rome. After refusing to recant his beliefs (ultimately leading to his excommunication), Luther fled to Wittenberg fearing his life. The Augsburg Confession, a statement of basic Protestant beliefs and ideas, was written in 1530 for the Diet of Augsburg, convened to find a settlement between the various Protestant groups in the area. These various events made Augsburg a key city of the Reformation.

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