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The famous ruins of the Heidelberger Schloss (Heidelberg Castle) overlook the Old Town. © Heidelberg Marketing

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Dream Routes of Germany

These are the routes that keep your dreams alive

The Dream Routes linking Germany´s historical cities. Embrace the ancient Romans, the Hanseatic League, impressive architecture, palaces and picturesque old quarters as well as wine making.

Just book online and discover their history. Whichever route you take, each of our cities has an appeal of its own.

Itinerary description

Kings, Emperors & Palaces

/assetimage_1239_251w253.jpgGermany is a land filled with the remnants of the now-extinct royal courts and imperial rulers. You can
visit Germany's historic cities today and see their not-so-humble abodes, their churches, their monuments and their courts. You can get a glimpse of the splendor and power of the ruling classes through their palaces and castles.

Extensive landscapes of castles, palaces and sprawling parks are the main attraction for palatial Potsdam. From the 17th through 20th centuries, Prussian kings commissioned the best artists of their time to build elaborate palaces and gardens in Potsdam, a center of Prussia and home of the royal residence. In the 19th century, renowned landscape architect Peter Joseph Lenné unified these riches into such a harmonious landscape that UNESCO placed it on the list of World Heritage Sites in 1991.

Erfurt became a pilgrimage destination of sorts with the reunification of Germany. Thousands of people poured into this former East German city to see where Martin Luther came from. Also not to be missed is the "Zitadelle Petersberg" (Petersberg Citadel), one of the few of nearly completely preserved Baroque Citadels in Europe. Today it stands as impressive proof of the art of European fortification construction from the 17th to the 19th centuries.

This lively city is the northern gateway to the Romantic Road, a trade route from the Middle Ages still  traveled by visitors seeking the best of medieval Germany. Today Würzburg is a surprisingly cosmopolitan Bavarian city filled with architectural and artistic treasures - and exquisite Franconian wine.

/assetimage_788_250w188.jpgFounded by Emperor Augustus in 15 B.C., Augsburg got its starts as a Roman military camp and became a Roman provincial capital for more than 400 years. By the 15th century, it was one of Europe's wealthiest and most important merchant cities. Having developed over two millennia, this town's distinct cityscape was shaped by all the great stylistic epochs. Great buildings, monumental fountains, lavishly laid-out streets, and ultramodern architecture attest to the city's tradition of cosmopolitan bounty.

Heidelberg is renowned for its romantic ambiance. Take in the magic of the "Schloss" (Castle), the "Alte Brücke"(Old Bridge) and the Old Town panorama; wander through the picturesque side streets full of enticing opportunities to look, poke around and shop; enjoy the varied year-round program of cultural activities and the flair of historic student pubs.

Between the picturesque landscape of the Rhine and Moselle Rivers and surrounded by four low mountain  ranges, is this more than 2000-year-old town known as the "Gateway to the Romantic Rhine," the ideal starting point into the "Oberes Mittelrheintal" (Upper Middle Rhine Valley), a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Koblenz's  abundance of cultural monuments and historical buildings, the cozy little lanes and alleyways, and the relaxed and happy atmosphere of its squares and river promenades make Koblenz a charming  city where its guests feel right at home.

Complete tour package

/assetimage_50811ee122f70efc1100297e_200wns270.jpgOur preferred tour operator, TOEUROPE, offers a ten-day self-drive tour from Berlin to Frankfurt airport with overnight stays in Potsdam, Erfurt, Würzburg, Augsburg, Heidelberg and Koblenz.


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- 3*** and 4**** hotel accommodations in Potsdam, Erfurt, Würzburg, Augsburg, Heidelberg and Koblenz
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- Admissions to different historic sites

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Map of Germany - Itinerary

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