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Reminiscing Germany's Highlights

All the viral Facebook posts out that prompt us to fill in the blank inspired me to sum up my German travel memories by making my own fill in the blank... for every one of the 13 Historic Highlights of Germany cities.
 ______ makes me think of _________.
(I filled in the blank with THE FIRST thing that came to mind.) Obviously, if you've been reading my blog, there's soooo much more to each place. These are just the first possible words/phrases that came to mind to quickly summarize each place to newcomers. :)
Augsburg makes me think of beer history and excellent beer. 
Erfurt makes me think of the market square in front of the massive medieval St. Mary's cathedral.
Freiburg makes me think of incredibly eco-conscious people (and Black Forest cake!)
Heidelberg makes me think of breathtaking views and the castle!
Koblenz makes me think of astounding ancient fortresses (and city renewal).
Mainz makes me think of barrels and barrels of out of this world wine!
Muenster makes me think of bicycles and art.
Osnabrueck makes me think of medieval wall towers.
Potsdam makes me think of lots of historical parks and gardens.
Rostock makes me think of the Hanseatic League (and great seafood)!
Trier makes me think of Ancient Roman history (and gladiators)!
Wiesbaden makes me think of a luxuriously quiet and calm urban life (and spas)
Wuerzburg makes me think of the Wuerzburg Residenz (a place where some of the world's best artists and architects came together).

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