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My Koblenz Souvenir!

Here's a glimpse of what I picked up in Koblenz as a souvenir. 

What better sums up Koblenz than the Schaengel and the German Corner? So, of course, I had to find something to remind me of them. 

I found myself some bookmarks. Perfect item for me! My mind will be drifting back to Koblenz daily now, I'm sure!

Koblenz was the last stop on my tour. The 13 Historic Highlights of Germany cities are all incredible, and upon returning to Canada I know that I'll miss them all. 

But, though my trip has ended, you will still see some of my writing carry on. Each city was so rich with sites and history that there are many themes and topics that I have yet to mention. So, I'll continue to mention topics of interest and importance through future blog posts.  

I've also picked up at least one main souvenir in each of the Historic Highlights of Germany cities. I'll post a list of them all this week, as I go back and reflect on my "ultimate highlights" in each city... I'll also be posting some additional thoughts about Germany as a whole -- along with some final reflective Germany travel tips and highlights. Because I do hope some of you will be following in at least a few of my footsteps sometime soon! 

Stay tuned for the final trip roundup and a list of all of my souvenirs!

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